Xemote offers a leading agricultural solution that enacts improved control and monitoring of all facets of food production and management for farms of all types, across South Africa.

We bring smart agriculture to our clients with integrated systems for monitoring and control of various systems with smart IOT remote sensors that provide farm managers with site-specific information that can be used to make informed management decisions.

This in turn provides our clients with solutions that help them enact a more cohesive agricultural environment that is characterised by less wastage and increased profits, while also providing better sustainability to managing the condition of soil and the surrounding environment.

Examples of data that can be gathered include canopy size (in the case of orchards) and density, pests and weeds, rootstock and tree age, soil fertility, soil type, soil electrical conductivity and soil moisture levels.

This field data can be converted into compelling and easily understood data visualisations. This combined information will also build a shareable database of insight that can help other farming operations and crop types.

Welcome to the Internet of Smart Agriculture – a fresh and powerful example of what the IoT can mean to the future of agricultural products and practices.

Smart agriculture is a relatively new farm management concept where farm mangers use site-specific data as a basis for management decisions.

The goal is to manage each crop production input on a site-specific basis to reduce waste, increase profits and maintain the quality of the environment. These goals can be achieved by monitoring local yield, local environment such as soil moisture, irrigation levels and local plant productivity to determine their exact amounts and the timing of inputs.

Storage of wine is an important consideration if valuable wine is laid down for long-term aging.

Xemote is the perfect answer and provides peace-of-mind that wine cellar temperatures are at correct levels during those long aging days. If mains supply is lost, our system comes with built-in battery backup, and will notify operators immediately of such a power outage.

Xemote CONNECT allows wine producers and wine cellar owners to monitor their wine room on the web as well as providing extensive historical reporting capabilities which are crucial for seasonal trend analyses, compliance, and auditability.

Furthermore, if our system detects a low or high reading outside the pre-set parameters, it will immediately send a notification via email and SMS directly to your cell phone, warning of the latest conditions.

The rugged IP67 rated Xemote hardware can easily be mounted anywhere, and its ergonomic design will not diminish the cellar's natural ambiance, making it the ideal long-term solution for monitoring cellars.


If you would like to know more about our specialised offerings for agricultural monitoring systems, be sure to get in contact with a representative from Xemote today, or feel free to continue browsing our website for additional information on our complete range of solutions, offers, and services.