Ensure optimal server room conditions

It is common practice to monitor conditions at rack level, the ambient room conditions are equally important, and measures humidity and temperature levels of the server room environment.

Xemote is regularly deployed to monitor these conditions while at the same time providing power outage and access notifications.

Typically the sensors are placed near potential “hot zones” inside the server room or data center, as well as near air conditioning units to detect their failure. When multiple air conditioning systems are available in a room, then a failure of one system will initially be compensated by the others before it may lead to a total failure of the cooling system due to overload. As a result temperature / airflow sensors are recommended near each unit to get early failure detection.

Humidity in server rooms should be between 40% and 60% rH. Too dry will result in the build up of static electricity on the systems, too humid and corrosion will start slowly damaging equipment, resulting in permanent equipment failures.

Although not a requirement for this deployment, water and flooding monitoring can easily be added by using one of the many available interfaces on the Xemote monitoring device, with no additional hardware required.