Retort temperature monitoring

A retort is any closed vessel or other equipment used for the thermal processing of foods. Typically the sterilization temperatures vary from 110 to 135°C. Retorts sterilize food after it is sealed in a container by steam or other heating methods.

Monitoring temperature ensures food safety, saves energy, reduces production time and assists in providing the best quality product.

For this application, Xemote uses a fast 1 minute update interval per measurement. Temperatures are measured throughout the Retort Sterilization Process and securely stored on the XemoteCloud. Any deviation from set limits during the steady-state part of the process is immediately sent to the correct personnel for action. Xemote ensures fast reaction before product quality is affected.

Exceptional 3rd party compliance for South Africa's poultry producers

Since 2015 South African abattoir operators have been compelled by law to have their processes independently verified by 3rd party agencies and/or systems to ensure acceptable levels of meat safety for human consumption. A primary reasons for appointing independent inspectors is to prevent food-borne illnesses.

For most abattoir and food production operations manual recordkeeping and in-house process verification has been the historic norm. However, this is comparable to marking one’s own homework and does not comply with recently established local regulatory and international export compliance. Therefore, similarly to their red meat counterparts, poultry producers are now installing systems, such as Xemote, monitor, report and most importantly independently verify critical production and storage conditions.

In response Xemote has embarked on providing a single, comprehensive, authentic third-party verification system through deployment at a leading poultry abattoir. In the process we made the following key findings:

With chicken carcasses it is challenging to inspect each individual product on the production line without jeopardising production output. Poultry products also move much quicker through the production process than other bulkier meat products. Therefore producers rely heavier on the environmental state of health during the slaughter, production and storage processes to ensure high levels of product safety.

Smaller meat products such as chicken are more susceptible to sudden temperature changes. Xemote provides real-time monitoring and tracking of irregular environmental conditions. Should any sporadic incidents occur, the necessary information is at the direct disposal of relevant operational staff who are able to take corrective actions on site or remotely. This greatly improves the operational risk management of susceptible fresh product.

In South Africa, poultry products are seen as a convenient and affordable source of protein for the majority of the population. By proactively monitoring and managing the highest levels of product health throughout the slaughter, production and storage processes potential costly product wastage is reduced or even prevented. This leads to greater levels of food security and affordability for millions of South Africans.

Independent food production process verification further promotes the following:
Compulsory regulatory compliance
Higher supplier ratings with large purchasing groups
Uninterrupted access to local markets and export opportunities
Increased job creation, skills development and economic growth

One of South Africa’s largest fresh produce markets deploys Xemote in their banana ripening chambers

It is well known that in perishables handling the greatest management tool is undoubtedly the management of temperature and humidity controls. In a trial conducted by Dr Jeff Brecht of the Horticultural Sciences Department of the University of Florida, it was shown that incorrect humidity during the ripening period can have an adverse effect on the final product.

South Africa’s official export certification agency for the perishable produce industry, the PPECB, provides impartial and independent services significantly reducing risks for producers and exporters. Cold stores must be registered with the PPECB when produce is intended for export. Xemote provides the business intelligence needed to ensure adherence to PPECB ISO 9001-2000 procedures.