Xemote provides a range of specialised control and monitoring systems to various sectors across South Africa, and as part of this, we facilitate a key focus on specialised industrial asset management monitoring systems that have been designed to streamline all forms of asset control and monitoring inside of industrial facilities.

With systems that integrate seamlessly into existing ones, we provide a remote monitoring application that creates a more efficient, cost-effective, and productive industrial environment for all types of facilities and plants. This is done through the supply, installation, and management of key monitoring systems that present real-time information, historical records, warnings and notifications for changes or complications in any industrial systems.

This not only adds higher levels of automation to the streamlined facility but ensures that all details across its sectors are accounted for. With user-friendly tools, insights and automated systems, as well as cloud-based functionality, Xemote has successfully transformed the way facilities operate across the industrial sector.

ASSET MANAGEMENT FOCUSSED ON OPTIMISING OUTPUT Industrial plants often have expensive and state of the art PLC systems to control the plant. To add remote monitoring to these systems are often just as expensive and complicated.

The tools and user interfaces are often too complex, and require training. Xemote solves this problem by being easily integrated with existing PLC systems to monitor specific parameters.

Triggers are easily set up for the parameters which will notify appointed users of specific events. Our system can utilise existing communications infrastructures such as Wi-Fi or Ethernet, or it can create its own wireless communication network.


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