Xemote intelligent networking and auto pairing

Xemote remote monitoring now with Intelligent Networking and Auto Pairing technology

There is no denying that the evolution of intelligent technology and networking has revolutionised the business industry. A company should stay on top of if every day, innovating new solutions, else you will just fade away in the market.

The fundamentals of networking have evolved from the first ever packet-switched network ARPANET to completely autonomous networking. Self-healing and self-configuring networks have been around for a while. These networks have numerous advantages. They have become so user friendly that any average Joe with no technical knowledge whatsoever can benefit from them.

Xemote engineers have raised the bar by embedding low level AI fundamentals in their sensor networks to build the autonomous XemoteNET and XemoteAP technologies. XemoteNET and XemoteAP enabled sensor networks have the capability to operate and resolve networking problems without any human intervention. In other words, they are self-maintaining, eliminating the need for a technician to resolve problems. XemoteNET and XemoteAP is a dynamically growing network, sensor nodes can simply be added to the network without any additional configuration. XemoteNET and XemoteAP enabled sensors are also more aware of their environment. They have the intuition to locate a gateway with the best signal strength to communicate with. Each sensor node also contains CDR (Critical Data Recovery) technology which protects sensor data if no gateway could be located. All these new features render Xemote networks even more robust and reliable.

“It has become so important to be forward thinking for any business. We truly care about the needs of our clients. We are working and innovating every day to give them the edge in the industry when it comes to business monitoring” says the Xemote development team.

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