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Monitoring of Perishable Goods in a Retail Environment

Temperature control and monitoring is the one of the most significant tools in the handling of perishable goods. Maintenance of a high relative humidity, and modification of the atmospheric composition can have a strong add-on effect, but is no substitute for good temperature control. The Xemote solution allows the constant and online monitoring of temperature and humidity and provides extensive reporting capabilities for compliance and auditability.

For this type of produce to be sold it has to be available in high grade and quality condition. This requires that the storage conditions be optimal. These conditions revolve not only around temperatures and humidity but additionally, room access control. It is important monitor conditions consistently and accurately and not only — not just to react when potential damage already has been done. The ultimate goal is to maintain a state of health as close as possible to 100 percent throughout the storage and distribution processes.

Until now, there has been limited ways to comprehensively gather critical storage information in real-time with distribution to multiple users. Furthermore, most monitoring systems have severely limited ability to gather multi-application data.

In most cases no reliable automated data collection and reporting systems are available leaving users to rely on rigorous and inaccurate manual recording that takes up precious man-hours to process.

Xemote has a comprehensive solution to daily cold storage challenges, providing real-time actionable information for informed decision making that assists in obtaining the highest levels of product health and extended shelf-life offering enhanced product quality and safety to the consumer.

Using this data it is possible for a retailer to validate consumer complaints against potential failures in the environment in which produce was stored.

Significant energy savings and reduced costly system downtime can be achieved by optimising the operations of critical cold storage infrastructure through the use of temperature and humidity sensors from Xemote. These sensors include a static variant as well as a value added variant that is able to buffer monitored readings offline. The later would be used to monitor produce in-transit.

The experience gained by Xemote and its operators has been harnessed in the monitoring of Fruit Ripening Chambers in South Africa’s largest Fresh Produce Market.

South Africa’s official export certification agency for the perishable produce industry, the PPECB provides impartial and independent services significantly reducing risks for producers and exporters. Cold stores must be registered with the PPECB when produce is intended for export and the solution provided by Xemote provides the business intelligence needed to ensure adherence to PPECB ISO 9001-2000 procedures.

Uniquely, Xemote is also able to provide a service for the yearly SANAS certification of the temperature sensors.

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