Xemote Cloud heat map

Taking the Heat - IoT in Data Centres

DS has updated its Powatherm sensor to include backend portal integration into a heatmap. The Powatherm sensor is a ground breaking IoT based sensor that brings cost effective thermal metrics to the data centre. It facilitates the deployment of hundreds of sensors into a data centre that improves reporting and monitoring of facilities.

The Powatherm is a product in the PowaINFRA range. The PowaINFRA range is a true IoT solution. This solution expands the digital world to data centres, buildings and infrastructure that were previously mostly accessed by requiring physical connections and costly building management systems to be rolled out. Although devices that provide thermal sensor measurement are not new in the data centre, the Powatherm is ground breaking by its design and cost.

The Powatherm sensor, using IoT technology, provides the ability to measure temperature and humidity readings at a rack level. The Powatherm sensor communicates using a secure and encrypted connection to a PowaINFRA gateway. The gateway in turn uses a M2M network to transmit the collected metrics to a DS cloud portal. Up to 128 Powatherm sensors can connect to a Powatherm gateway, and multiple gateways can be installed within a data centre.

The portal displays the metrics and reports associated with the sensors that are installed within the data centre. This also includes a heatmap that overlays a representation of the data centre racks and rows. The heatmap gradient is a five colour gradient coded to the ASHRAE recommended temperature range of 18°C to 27°C.

The solution enables a data centre facility owner to optimise cooling and utility costs as hot-spots can be investigated for thermal pollution. The solution does not replace data centre command and control infrastructure but instead provides validation of the thermal state of the data centre in an independent and out of band manner.

The PowaINFRA range also has sensors that are capable of monitoring and reporting on:

  • power
  • temperature
  • fire safety
  • presence/access
  • dam levels, as well as
  • fibre optic cable breaks

The overall solution can be deployed not only in data centres but any commercial facilities, medical facilities, equipment and data centres.