cold chain

Transiting Legacy Cold Chain to Digital

In the retail market the majority of installations utilize legacy temperature monitoring solutions using PT-100 sensors connected to a control board. The fundamental problem with controller boards is that temperature readings are localized and any readings need to be manually transcribed for record keeping purposes. This process is prone to human failure as there is insufficient automation.

The first step to digitisation is to replace the controller board with an Internet of Things (IoT) gateway. Immediately the legacy temperature probes are now visible in the cloud via either desktops or mobile phone based apps. This is because the gateway has GSM connectivity. Cloud based graph visualization tools allow the retailers to get a holistic view of their operations with each measurement parameter being able to have multiple trigger levels with notifications via SMS or email.

PT-100 sensors use industry standard 4-20mA current loop sensors. An example is the Danfoss sensors. The gateway can not only measure temperature but all a wide range of various other metrics related to humidity, soil moisture, water pH, air pressure, barometric pressure, thermo coupling, and water flow.

Once the legacy environment is provisioned on the cloud, new deployments can be based upon using digital machine to machine wireless sensors.

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