Meat safety

Xemote partners with national Food Safety Agency

Xemote has partnered with AFS to assist abattoir owners and food production companies with independent verification of Critical Control Points such as temperature control in order to promote HAS & HACCP compliance during independent meat inspections and food safety audits.

The Xemote electronic data capture and cloud-based reporting makes it easy for abattoirs and food production companies to:

  • Independently track and verify the state of fresh products
  • Achieve regulatory compliance
  • Improve thermal efficiencies, reduce energy usage and improve environmental friendliness of all systems
  • Ensure the health and safety of infrastructure and people
  • Correct operational irregularities
  • Drive preventative maintenance cycles
  • Increase productivity and lifespan of critical production assets
  • Circumvent disruptive downtime and costly damage to critical infrastructure
  • Increase profitability through improved operational efficiency
  • Complete audits in shorter periods saving money
  • Increases access to market by achieving improved supplier ratings

By utilising Xemote for timely and automated process inputs, AFS can effortlessly complete a wide range of tasks, including:

  • Accept or reject product
  • Identify issues with products
  • Determine the remaining product shelf-life
  • Identify and eliminate process data anomalies
  • Complete audits in smaller timeframes saving the client money
  • Assist the client in improving their supplier rating by identifying and addressing problem areas that could lead to non-compliance and/or food safety issues
  • Provide clients with added in terms of operational efficiency and asset management