How Xemote works infograph
How Xemote works infograph
The monitoring system of choice

Xemote is positioned as the Food Production Process Monitoring system of choice for assisting in the independent verification of Critical Control Points such as temperatures for independent hygiene inspections at South African abattoirs and the compulsory specification for the manufacture, production, processing and treatment of canned meat and fish products.

Instant audit readiness, third party process verification and HACCP & PPECB compliance

South African abattoir operators are by law compelled to have their premises inspected by independent agencies to ensure improved meat safety. Independent Meat Inspection is the official examination of a slaughtered animal to establish whether its meat is fit or unfit for human consumption and internationally accepted as an industry norm with regards to legal compliance.

One of the biggest reasons for appointing independent inspectors is to prevent food-borne illnesses. Furthermore, independent meat inspection is required to provide uninterrupted access to local & export markets boosting job creation, skills development and economic growth.

However, during regular such food safety audits it is demanded that Quality Assurance personnel produce a mountain of information within a short period of time. For the unready or unwary abattoir, food safety audits can lead to time-consuming and expensive searches for and review of responsive information and, worse, devastating business disruptions and penalties in case of non-compliance.

XemoteCloud™ assists abattoir owners through the integration with the electronic Hygiene Assessment System (eHAS) by providing full process safety compliance reports when independent inspections and audits are conducted. This empowers management and operational staff to continuously improve food safety standards and operational practices through reporting tools such as historical graph analysis, irregular event notification workflows and 24-Hour Tag Listing Averages that are downloadable at any time ensuring instant audit readiness, third party process verification and HACCP & PPECB compliance.

Xemote is also positioned to assist regulatory organisations such the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS) to independently verify compulsory specifications of retort cooking processes and incubation of meat and fish products where compliance to rigorous food safety processes are of critical importance.

South Africa’s official export certification agency for the perishable produce industry, the PPECB, provides impartial and independent services significantly reducing risks for producers and exporters. Cold stores must be registered with the PPECB when produce is intended for export. Xemote provides the business intelligence needed to ensure adherence to PPECB ISO 9001-2000 procedures.